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Compliance Solutions

We are an Eagle Distributor for Compliance Solution Products
Made In America

Proudly Made in AmericaAsk us about the Eagles Claws Regulatory Compliance Guide.
We sell all Eagle Solution Products, including the following:

  • Safety Cabinets: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, White, Gray and Beige
  • Safety Cans: Type I, Type II and FM Approved, 100 Percent Leak Tested
  • Spill Containment: Spill Containment Platforms, Containment Pallets and Budge
  • Outdoor Drum Storage: IBC Units, Rotary Top Containment Units
  • Guards and Protectors: HDPE Bollard Post Sleeves, Clearance Bars
  • Cigarette Disposal: SafeSmoker Decorative Butt Cans, 27 Models to Choose From
spill containment platforms cigarette disposal items outdoor drum storage
eagle solution products safety pillar sales container storage shed